We are the Industry Experts in Collections.

The Firm provides aggressive Debt Collection for commercial and consumer debts. We represents publicly traded companies, large and small companies in the finance, banking, construction, transportation, automotive, real estate, consumer industries.  We represent many law firms throughout the United States in handling their post-judgment collections and asset seizures.

This includes full service collections from initiating litigation through post- judgment recovery, including:

  • Debtor's Examinations.  Creditors are entitled to take the deposition of judgment debtors.  The judgment debtor is placed under oath and must testify as to all of their assets and liabilities.  Additionally, Creditors have the right to subpoena the debtor's financial records.

Writ of Execution and Attachment

  • Garnishments
    • Wages
    • Bank accounts
    • Other assets - personal property, automobiles, debtor's right to receive proceeds in their own personal litigation.

  • Charging Order.  Attachment of distribution from limited liability company (LLC) member.

  • Turnover Order.  Attachment of debtor's shareholder stock/equity ownership interest.

  • Keeper.  Seizing all cash from the operation of debtor's business for a period of three (3) days.

  • Till Tap.  One time seizure of cash on hand from debtor's business.

  • Safe Deposit Box.  Seizure of all assets within a debtor's safe deposit box held at a bank or privately. 

  • Receivership.  Court order appointing an independent third-party to liquidate the debtor's assets to pay the debtor's creditors.

  • Replevin / Repossession.  Court order permitting the repossession of an asset that has been hidden or secreted within private property.

  • Asset Sales.   Public sale of assets after seizure, notice, publication and the running of statutory time.

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